Android r class not updating

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Android r class not updating

I think this is why some of them will say “unresolved”, and others will be fine.

Anyway, that’s basically the three things you should search for when getting this error.

This may not be the case for you, but sometimes when I use something from the android.

R package (default android resources) and I use it in my class before making reference to anything from my own resource package, Eclipse adds the file, this fixed a lot of errors, then made necessary changes and built the project(build it not clean)...

For example, say my Activity classes or whatever are included in the “” package and you’re trying to reference the above “maingui” View layout (R.layout.maingui), you’re actually trying to reference: – .The Eclipse ADT plugin handles actually holding references to all these resources via the R class, which is re-generated whenever a new resource is defined or the project is rebuild and is held under the ‘gen’ project directory. For example, say I had defined a simple Activity layout called “maingui” and tried to reference this in my Activity start up code like so: – The first thing you might notice is that the file under your Eclipse project is missing.This will naturally bring up the error because R cannot be found.I do not know whether clean and build performs the same job or not.everytime i cleaned it , Clean is working because it BUILD the project after cleaning.So the problem is ( at least it was in my case, because I switched off the Automatic Build a few days earlier ) that after you add an item or anything in a file, the eclipse doesn't build it and can't refresh the .

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If I remove()the last item and then add a new one, I won't see the new item, but insteadwhatever used to be the last item before I deleted it.