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As it is not consumed in a production process, but it is necessary for plant’s operation and it’s going to stay there until the plant closes (for more than 1 year), it’s PPE.And as strange as it might be, you need to account for a minimum level of oil as for PPE, and for the remaining oil as for inventories.Consolidating your distribution centers can help you find fresh new ways to fill orders and returns faster, handle backups as they arise, and optimize as you go along.If you’re pressed for time or feel stuck in your ways, a logistics company can help you think of new methods to reorganize your warehouse and improve efficiency.

Simply speaking: what is our item of PPE in the case of large amount of small items?Is it the individual single screwdriver with the cost of USD 5?Or, is it the set of 5 000 screwdrivers with the cost of USD 25 000 (5×5 000)?It would be very hard to label each individual screwdriver, not mentioning depreciation!In this case, you need to assess materiality, or of similar spare parts and servicing equipment for your financial statements.

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Consolidating distribution centers is an opportunity to better organize your inventory and cut out unnecessary processes.

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