Dating a married gemini man

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Dating a married gemini man

So you've gone and fallen in love with a Gemini man, huh?

I mean — really — who couldn't love a flirty, fun, social guy like that? But for what it's worth, sometimes being in a relationship with them can be tough because they tend to bounce from one thing to the next ...

These guys really don't like to feel unstable (hence the not wanting to talk about their emotions thing), so you can bet your bottom dollar that he's doing JUST fine at the bank.If he's starting to get bored, then his head starts to wander and he'll be super unhappy.These guys really love to always be busy and to live a carefree life, so if you're in a relationship with him, be prepared for the spontaneity and have an awesome time doing whatever you both decide to do for the day!Both are lively and love to work and play together.You both understand and complement each other mostly in all ways that invigorate your passion.

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