Dating a virgo female

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The first weekend of December is action-packed—and not just because of Mercury.Saturday, December 2, brings a golden trine involving optimistic Jupiter and healing Neptune—the first of three that will occur between now and August 2018.

As Winston Churchill said, "We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give." Not to sound like Pollyanna, but there's always someone out there with greater needs than you.You could find a new go-to hotspot in your area where you can network and hobnob with some unfamiliar faces.This is a great day to plant the seeds of a creative project, specifically one that involves writing or teaching.Post on social media with extreme caution and back up your data to the storage cloud, as Mercury retrograde has been known to erase important files and contacts.If you're holiday gift shopping, wait until the retrograde passes to buy electronic gadgets.

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Expansive Jupiter is in your second house of work, money and stability, while compassionate Neptune is in your health and service sector. Over the next year, these trines could help you draw a paycheck with purpose.

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