Dating direct mccall idaho

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Dating direct mccall idaho

Yet, despite their years of military service, they feel the Marine Corps has abandoned them.

And I think that’s what hurts some of these men so deeply.

And I have one final question for the Marine Corps: Is there anything more you can do to help these former Marines, or children of Marines, uncover why they are so sick?

If you had the chance, and had only one question, what would you ask?

Are they perhaps putting out the stop signs on this in the event the truth be exposed?

If the Corps admits that this contamination was serious they need to have each and every Marine MRI'd, at VA facilities around the country, who served in the Corps during that time period. Saying now that there is no proof is wasting time and wasting precious lives.

Experts reported the tap water highly contaminated as early as 19.

But it took until late 1984 for the Corps to begin testing all the wells and shutting down the contaminated ones.

A large question remains - will there ever be a day when scientists will have conclusive evidence to prove there is a link between the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, and the Marines who say that contamination caused their cancers and other illnesses? Records show there was water contamination at the base for decades.

The Corps admits this contamination was serious – toxic chemicals, which are classified as probable carcinogens, meaning they are believed to cause cancer in humans.

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After discharge and in his early 20's he was diagnosed with Testecular cancer and had to have a removal operation.

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