Free naughty chat for iphone

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Free naughty chat for iphone

A mother has claimed she tracked down her husband and found him with a suspected new secret lover - using his 'find my i Phone' app.

Khadijah Bilal, 33, from Moseley, Birmingham said she grew suspicious after she noticed a change in her husband, 35, around a year ago.

With another child on the way she put it to the back of her mind until he made excuses to get out of spending three weeks with her family in Norfolk over Christmas.

Khadijah said: 'He was always going out on Saturday nights and coming back really, really late and early in the morning.

I kept seeing the same thing and spotting him at the same location.'Khadijah finally confronted him on January 7.

She said the police were called, she gave them her name, but no further action has been taken and she hasn't heard from them since.After four years together she recalled how he barely spent any time at home and was often out until the early hours on a weekend.It was when, she claims, he refused to change his behaviour following the birth of his second child, that she says she became suspicious he was cheating.She hired a private detective for £190 who spent two hours outside the street pinpointed by the tracker to work out which number he was visiting.The detective spotted him going in to a multi-occupancy home - and finally Khadijah had the address.

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The app is activated within the Settings menu on Apple devices: Settings 'I said "when she's born I don't want you going out on Saturday nights as much", but he still went.

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