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Lamur dating ru

Haven't heard from you but I'd imagine you are a busy guy. I keep having to delete the files and the re-upload them on the item editing tool page using the flash uploader.Can you let me know how long it will be before we can start uploading? I would request a netlabel page I know the way because I have already upload a video months ago Orchestr ALive22042006 because I'm not sure it's possible to add presentation of the netlabel and more and more, maybe it can be done by editing and uploading a xml, but I'm a very beginner for this so I will try myself to find solution, but a little help can be useful ;) Here is my mail, [email protected] stuff I need to upload is the full series of episodes of necktar, but I would began by the last one Thanks so much for this awesome archive. Everytime I do this, the files then appear in the metadata editor, and I can proceed as normal.Can you please move them once you have fixed the netlabel collection? There seems to be impossible to change an item collection via the "edit item" capabilities. Do I have to re-upload all my items, miss all my downloads and reviews, and start from scratch, if I want to include those in my collection? My net label is not only focus on audio (which is the category it is included by now); actually, we made releases of audio, video, DGI and other digital goods.

not quite sure if you got my email, so I'm about to send it again. Recently had a netlabel set up ( but was only able to get the item/page editor to show up once.

The other doubt is: another artist in my net label is also an Archive contributor (a heavy one) and an important amount of her contributions are meant also to be on this collection.

Is there any proper way to add her to contribute to the collection and to "transport" her contributions?

when i download the zip file there only the audio files included and the artwork, info and meta files are happened?

i thought the whole folder is included in the zip file?

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