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And as one of us (Katina Sawyer) found in her recent work, powerful men can help rid their companies and organizations of gender inequality and sexism by being good allies to the women they work with.We believe workplace leaders can help by improving their organization’s informal culture.The key, we’ve found, is to build organizational cultures where people fear the consequences of not speaking up more than they fear the consequences of remaining passive and silent.In short, human resources departments need to change their ways.But making a real difference demands more than formal policies and practices, which won’t on their own deter perpetrators or make victims speak out unless employees believe their employer is serious about enforcing them.Bystanders won’t do their part either if they think they’ll experience backlash for offering their help and support.

By teaching and modeling these behaviors, we can empower future generations to prevent sexual assault and abuse.

As our friends at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center say: “We can all help create a culture of empathy, respect, and equity.

Prevention starts with challenging victim-blaming and believing survivors when they disclose.

In your personal life, you can model supportive relationships and behaviors and speak up when you hear sexist, racist, transphobic or homophobic comments.

Each of us is essential in challenging harmful attitudes and the societal acceptance of rape.” It’s also important to understand consent – what it is and isn’t – and how it should be a part of every healthy relationship.

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Letting them go or even giving employees accused of this behavior a raise – as Fox did with O'Reilly – signals tolerance to perpetrators, victims and bystanders.