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I really like that we have taken customisation of cars to a new level with something we call Derelicts.

You can find old car parts in the world, starting with the chassis, and then create the car of your dreams.

Our vision is to inspire everybody for startups or help people with their already existing startup to generate attention and create a network.

Freeform4U is Munich’s first and only specialist shop for 3d printing.

It’s available for the i OS and Android platforms, both of which are free. Well, opportunities and success are often as much about who you know as what you know. But if you are struggling with a business issue, for example financing, City Hour can help find someone else interested in that topic.

Perhaps they’re an expert at it or perhaps they too are struggling with it, but either way having a conversation with someone dealing with the same issue can be invaluable. Whether you’re just starting in business, a full-time freelancer, or part of a startup, a growing company, or a large corporation, the connections with people are always a good investment.

This year, we take it to the next level with the "Bits & Pretzels Startup Night".

We want to create something that this city hasn’t seen before.

Can you believe this is the TWENTY THIRD Need For Speed game? So how are the racing whizzes behind the franchise freshening it up for another lap?

For those who travel frequently or have challenging schedules, City Hour is especially helpful to make it possible to network with people based on industry, goals, location, or availability – even on short notice.

You can make arrangements in advance if you know you will have a window of time available, or you can turn an unexpectedly free couple of hours into a networking opportunity.

So, you take a car from scrap to stock to a super car of your choice. In the desert, things can go missing and then can be found, like some of the scrap parts I was referring to earlier. I have been watching action movies for as long as I can remember and one thing with many of them is the inclusion of awesome driving and stunts with cars.

I am definitely a fan of the Fast & Furious movies but the creative of Need For Speed: Payback is the results of merging together a lifetime of action consumption. I started working at DICE, the creators of Battlefield amongst other things, and I also produced several games in that series.

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But, jokes aside, lots of gamification is already happening.