Updating starguide receiver software

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Updating starguide receiver software

The show is streamed live from noon-3 pm ET, right after Stephanie Miller.Here's the satellite info: Satellite: GE8 (or AMC8) Coordinates: 139 degrees west Frequency: 1124600 Data Rate: 2048000 Provider: Jones (tech support only: 303 784-8747) Channel: Jones 2 Left Air America affiliate stations can pick up The Thom Hartmann Program from the "Right" channel on the Air America stream using your same satellite receiver with all settings identical as those for all other Air America programming. Here are the specs for the Air America Radio feed (this is inaccurate as of Feb 17 - I'll get the new info up as soon as I get it from the engineers): Provider: Westwood East Satellite: AMC-8 / Transponder 15 L - band: 1145500 Data rate: 6144000 Service: AAR_SYN/AAR_NET (Left Channel) Starguide III Software Version = 2.16 Starguide II Software Version = 3.51 SG Relay 00 Start of Local Spots pins 2 and 10 SG Relay 01 Start of Local Liners pins 3 and 11 Audio Connector Pinouts: Left channel is pin 1 positive, pin 6 negative, and pin 2 for ground The program is available on a barter basis, 5 network and 17 affiliate minutes per hour, and Additionally, here is a list of our affiliates from Cable Radio Network, reaching into more than 24 million homes: Arizona Cablevision Parker 99.9 Arizona Western Broadband Saddlebrooke 2, 7 Arizona Western Broadband Sun Lakes 49 California Charter Communications Adelanto 3 California Charter Communications Alhambra, San Gabriel, Temple City 12 30 SAP, 56 California Charter Communications Alturas 6 California Time Warner Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Anaheim 3, 45 California Time Warner Arcadia, Sierra Madre 3, 50 SAP California Charter Communications Azusa 12 California Cebridge Communications Bakersfield 30 SAP, 946 California Time Warner Baldwin Park, S.David Lawrence's Personal Netcast Podcast, a free daily 10-minute podcast, deals with news, technology, pop culture and entertainment, and is delivered via RSS from Los Angeles after every live show.We also produce The Net Music Countdown, a weekly on-air 2-hour music countdown show, surveys and plays music from the top 20 artists downloaded, streamed and sold on the Internet, and is delivered via CD or FTP from Los Angeles weekly, for airing at the affiliate's leisure.The function searches for nearby repeaters using the repeater memories with the GPS position information.*To use the near repeater search function, the position data of the repeater is required.Terminal and Access Point modes* enable you to enjoy long-distance D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) communication through the Internet.

By simply selecting a destination call sign in “To”, and your access repeater in “From”, you can talk with other D-STAR users.

Affiliates: Here is a daily-updated under-30-seconds MP3 that you can use to promo the upcoming show.

It's updated every day in the final hour of the live show.

The David Lawrence Show, a daily on-air 3-hour call-in/interview talk show, deals with pop culture, entertainment and technology, and airs Monday through Friday live from Los Angeles.

Online Tonight with David Lawrence, a weekly on-air 3-hour call-in/interview talk show, deals with technology, pop culture and entertainment, and airs live from Los Angeles on Saturday, and is repeated on Sunday.

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Using the backlight night time setting function, the display backlight brightness can automatically be changed when the designated time comes.