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"I actually only kissed Steven and Trishelle and when we went into the bedroom, they continued to mess around with each other and I left, but of course you don’t see that on the show, it was cut out." "I do not feel that I played anything up for TV, I do however feel that just being in that situation that your emotions are on alert and magnified," Bynn adds of her on-screen behavior.

The 2018 OHL Trade Deadline is set for January 9th (for overage players), and January 10th (for all other players).

They don't really set up stuff in the sense of 'You stand here and you stand here and then fight,' but they set up the house for conflict -- 7 people and two showers with 3 shower heads -- and pair you with people that they know you may not enjoy." But what about the people she did enjoy.

Specially, Trishelle and Stephen, who she got hot and heavy with in the hot tub ... "Well, we were pretty intoxicated," Brynn says of the now-classic moment.

So let's make some predictions: Taylor Raddysh - Erie Otters One of the biggest trade pieces available this year and definitely the most likely of the big fish to be moved.

Erie needs to recoup assets after a sustained Championship run and Raddysh is just one of the several trade chips they hold. Barrie could really use him but I think it's a given that Erie asks for a quality young player back (like a first round 2001) and the Colts won't be moving Ryan Suzuki for him (the only 2001 they can move).

She got in some intense fights, was involved in a love triangle and even started working as a go-go dancer to make some extra cash."I only hear that 'Real World' is still going on when someone mentions it.I do not have cable and MTV would be the last channel on in my house." It's not only MTV she's missing out on these days though."I don’t think I was the 'bad girl,'" she says looking back."I think that MTV knows what they are looking for and typecast based on that.

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Logic says we could see some really big names moved this deadline though.