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Who is joe simpson dating

understood just how important race was in his murder trial. I'm playin' better golf [laughs] ever played, I ain't got nothin' else to do. FRED GOLDMAN [Emotional]: Finally, Ron got some justice. TANYA BROWN: I remember taking a picture with the family. Like, OK, great, there's responsibility, there's a consequence." But it's, like, "OK, but still, we're a grieving family." The verdict did come with an award for the Brown and Goldman families -- more than million in damages, to be paid by Simpson. …Every time we took something away from him, it was about getting a piece of justice.

quickly faded when the civil verdict was announced, finding Simpson liable for the deaths. JAMES BROWN: When the verdict did come down, what were you thinking then? FRED GOLDMAN: He never paid one single penny, anything that we received we got by taking it away from him.

Simpson's house after the murders and claimed to have found a bloody glove matching one found at the crime scene. LEE BAILEY: I had one objective when I set out with Mark Fuhrman. I knew that if I could get him to lie he was dead in the jury box. But they were cheering that once, one time it seemed that the criminal justice system balanced in favor of a black person … It has to do with things goin' on in people's own lives. All I'm trying to do is -- is be positive, be good to my friends … Eight months after being acquitted of murder, the man once focused on sports and endorsements spoke with "48 Hours" correspondent Harold Dow about his new life and a new interest in a subject he previously avoided. And we were always told that that's the way it is … He moved to Florida, but trouble still followed, including an arrest relating to road rage – a charge he would beat.

…I wanna be judged by the content of my character …Not by the color of my skin.

It was the 1960s; Black activism was at a fever pitch and some star track athletes were threatening to boycott the '68 Olympics. if you were this social conscious person always spewing out black issues …

J.'s ticket out of the 'hood and into the limelight during a decade of tumultuous change. Simpson [1968 interview]: What they think is right. Well right now, I don't want to be involved in it because I am not in track. JOE BELL: …we knew that society as a whole would not accept you if you a member of the Black Panthers …

And pursued with vigor because the victims were white. SYLVESTER MONROE | WASHINGTON POST ASSISTANT FOREIGN EDITOR: He was accused of killing a white woman …In addition to his celebrity, that dynamic also elevated this trial … and the picture that they chose to put was his mug shot … [Douglas laughs] And the defense team did some, we'll say, redecorating of the Rockingham home before the jury got there. and I said, "Marcia, how dare you accuse us of this." …

SIMPSON DEFENSE ATTORNEY: It was no dream at all …There was turmoil within the defense camp all the time and thank God Johnnie Cochran was very capable of keeping a lid on it. of a black person in conflict with the police department was so front [and] center … That this was another black man bein' pursued by the LAPD. would have been out on bail and I think this would have been long ago forgotten. Simpson had a grand staircase going from the foyer up until the second floor … Marcia Clark looked at me and said, "Carl, you know damn well he didn't have all those black people on his wall" … Every television station tuned in and the world watched it all happen live.

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I have to believe that the energizer in that verdict was not only race, but the fact that O. Simpson had been found not guilty in the criminal case. JAMES BROWN: Has anything been paid to the Goldman's?

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