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Www japanesedatingscene com

You’ll definitely have to make the first move when it comes to flirting and dating! While most Japanese women are immaculately dressed and made up, I’m guilty of making trips to 7-Eleven in my pyjamas.

But on the dating scene, we all need to put some effort into our appearance.

Japanese people are known for communicating by politely speaking around the point, and using body language.

It’s taken them years of practice and experience to perfect this, so be patient as you learn how to communicate with each other, especially with the added language barrier.

Finally, prepare for dates unlike those you’ve had before.

They’re just a little different from guys in your home country, having grown up in a very different society and culture.

There are also rumours that Japanese guys aren’t gentlemanly. I reckon gentlemen across the world are few and far between!

I worry that one day we’ll move to England and he‘ll miss his dehydrated fish snacks.

I worry about our children being bullied in school.

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To be honest, I didn’t come to Japan looking for a boyfriend.

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